proxyAt Bird & Bee, we believe guitars are meant to be played, and instruments kept in cases rarely sing.  This kind of attitude can however lead to a few unwanted bumps and bruises.  We’re here to help.

When it comes to repairs our goal is to put things back to the way they were, focusing first on structure and playability, then on appearance.  Unlike other Luthiers and Repair shops, we include finish work in our repairs so that any breaks, scrapes and gouges go as unnoticeable as possible.  On newer instruments we try to make them appear ‘as new’.

Our approach to restorations when dealing with vintage or aged instruments is similar with one major difference.  While the first priority remains playability, we believe older instruments should look their age.  We prefer not to do any work on vintage instruments that does not directly relate to playability or supports the longevity of the instrument.  This means that we typically don’t ‘over spray’ or refinish  vintage instruments except in extreme cases.

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