With new customers, it’s important that I get to know you and your guitar. Your ability, your individual style and goals as a player, are important parts in determining what’s best for you and ultimately for your guitar.

A complimentary assessment of your instrument is always provided, and I’ll make recommendations that will improve your guitar’s playability. You’ll receive an outline in writing and then we can decide together on the best course of action.

Understand that depending on your instrument’s age, condition, value, quality and stability of previous repairs, prices may vary from what is listed. In some instances, once a repair has begun, other problems not immediately evident can surface.  But don’t worry, no work will be done without your consent.

Other repairs and services not listed below are priced at $95 / hr.


restring & tune
Customer to provide strings.  Strings available for additional $10                                           


truss rod adjustment


nut / saddle adjustment


set intonation
includes realigning arch top bridge or adjusting
existing compensated saddle on electric / acoustic (when possible)


basic setup
includes all of the above plus a full inspection and cleaning.  Click HERE for details.
advanced setup
includes basic setup, fret level, dress & polish. Click HERE for details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
fret work
complete refret (unbound fret board)
complete refret (bound fret board)
plane fret board (repair worn or badly ‘humped’ fret board)
replace single frets unbound
replace single frets bound

shape/fit new bone nut (includes material)

shape/fit fully compensated bone saddle (includes material)

repair cracked bridge

reset unbound neck
reset bound neck
repair twisted or warped neck

repair damaged/split/separated includes finishing and touch up
$75 – $200
remove and replace
body binding
replace (plus material)

$25 – $50
crack repairs
glue & cleat every inch

$15 – $25 per inch
$25 per inch
brace repairs
replace & reglue

$25 – $75
finish repairs
surface spot / scratch (in the lacquer only)
substrate spot  / scratch (in the actual finish)

$25 – $50
$50 – $75
Pick Up Installation
Acoustic (plus cost of pickup)

$50 – $150

Some additional fees may apply to bases, 12 string and classical guitars or guitars with a Floyd Rose bridge.

For your convenience we accept cash, all major credit cards and PayPal.





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2 Responses to “Services”

  1. john

    you think you would have your address somewhere on the website – where are you ? nunavut ? toronto ? bangladesh ? mars ? pluto?

    • Brian

      Hi John! I’m in Niagara Falls an operate my business from home. I don’t make my address public because I don’t want people just showing up unannounced. If you’re interested in a guitar or would like the one you have to sound better, let me know and I can give you more details.



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